Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Sketch: Persian Immortal

I'm going to start doing "Fan-art Fridays" soon, because they're going to push me in some new ways and i'm excited for it. But for now i'll throw up this sketch i did last night while sitting in institute. I feel pretty good about it.

I feel pretty good about how easily you can throw down tones with these markers. I inherited a mug-full of grey shades from someone and i'm hoping to put them to use.
Persians are neat. This won't be the last immortal i do a drawing of in my days, because they had such awesome outfits and this hardly does it justice.

Yes i know about the "broken ankle", and i don't care. I did it in 25 minutes!

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Wesley said...

Hehehehe...his broken ankle makes me smile