Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Old Stuff- Ashcan Page and colorblindness

This was a random page of comic i did for an ashcan that Anthony and Jake got some people together for. We were going for a comicon booth. I just wanted to do something generic, typical and cliche, with barbaric peoples wandering across a hostile land, fighting monsters pointlessly. you know, the fun stuff.
They ended up submitting my pencils instead, mortified by my coloring job. To be honest, i did all of the colors in about 45 mins that afternoon to meet our own deadline, so wasn't too concerned about that, but was nonetheless stunned when they took me aside, sat me down, and asked me sincerely if i really knew jack about color theory.
i suppose i didn't, and after a quick crash-course by Jake, i was able to calibrate and adjust from then on. it really helped, i think- but it's always going to be a challenge with my colorblindness. I don't think it will become a major obstacle to me in the long run.


Laura said...

haha - are there ANY obstacles that really affect you in the long-run?

M.R. Weaver said...

KAY, so dis is what juu gotta doo... If you has colors already there (like with this page) make a layer and fill it with ONE color (a dark dull color works best) and then mess around with transparancy settings or filter settings (like multiply or dissolve). Just a thin layer of color will help to unify your colors and dull down those BRIGHT primaries.
BUT usually the problem is with VALUE.
So. Worry about your values before you worry about colors.

Morgan said...

thanks Michelle! that's helpful poop.