Monday, March 16, 2009

Tarbosaurus in the Snow

I "One-Shotted" this with a bic ballpoint in church a few weeks ago- no pencils, no rough outline, just went to it and it turned out marvelously. i feel pretty good about it.

I love dinosaurs. they're so beautiful. You may notice the robust bones of the forelimbs as way more substantial and beefy than the actual fossil remains. I sort of gave it a big cat feel in that sense. but it feels more powerful with them in the frame. I like that it feels alive, not in a frozen, odd pose like some taxidermy bit.


Anthony Holden said...

raaar! What's with all the posting lately? I'm not complaining--I think you're great. I'm just wondering where you been

REM-Brant said...

A solid dino only you could provide, Morgan. You should do one of those solar-fin thingy dinos next :D

No seriously, the name truly does evade me at the moment. But I always thought they were cool.

Actually, you should do an ankylosaurus next, they were always my favorite.

Clairictures said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you appreciate the beauty of dinos as well! Glad to see some hardcore dino art in the program, we need more of it.
You should draw a Charcarodontosaurus next. Or a Bambiraptor. Those things are sweet.

Ron Jensen said...

It looks like he is looking at his hands like he received some new supper power. He's probably thinking--they thought I was terrible before, now with these new mega arms, I'm unstoppable! (evil laugh).

Morgan said...

you mean dimetrodon, or some other Pelycosaur, or the recently-faddish African Spinosaurus? Either way, great idea.

I'm going to definitely think about a solid Bambiraptor character design! those things are adorable.

Jared Scott Greenleaf said...

great line work, I likey I likey!